ⓒ Yeo, Dongwan

Working with MindsGroup

MindsGroup offers consulting, training and coaching services for global companies to increase their capability and effectiveness in specific cultural settings. Our attitude and approach are drawn from universal values and we guide people to develop their competencies and bring changes in organizations. Our services are tailored to each organization’s needs and requirements based on how the organization actually operates. The programs we provide are: 1. Cross-cultural communication, 2. Organizational culture consultation, 3. Global mindset building, 4. Corporate training facilitation, and 5. Leadership and executive coaching.

Furthermore, our guiding principles are as follows:
▪ Our programs are created based on universality because all organizational values are rooted at universal values.
▪ In developing our programs, we place ourselves in the position of the participants and the environment they are in because it is about sharing and working together not instructing.
▪ We take the direction of the organization (or team), not an individual, as the decision-making standard because our ultimate goal is communication.

마인즈그룹은 프로그램 디자인의 기본원칙을 가지고 항상 새롭게 창의합니다:
▪ 보편성에 기반합니다. 모든 조직의 가치는 인류보편적 가치에 기반하기 때문입니다.
▪ 교육대상의 입장과 환경조건에 맞춰 전개합니다. 가르치는 것이 아니라 공유하는 것이기 때문입니다.
▪ 개인이 아닌 팀(또는 조직, 나아가 세계)의 방향성을 의사결정 표준으로 합니다. 우리의 궁극은 소통이기 때문입니다.