ⓒ Yeo, Dongwan

Company Introduction

Welcome to MindsGroup

MindsGroup(MG) was founded in 2000 as an intercultural communication training company. In 2007, MG expanded its business area into organizational culture consulting and training and continues to move forward.

MindsGroup’s mission is adhering to right view, right speech and right action. As a provider of tailored corporate educational programs, our role and responsibility is to buttress organizations to grow and develop, supporting their sustainability with good common sense programs. There is an overflow of training companies and materials targeting skills and fixes for people and companies, and more and more methodologies are developed for new issues arising in organizations. Trend-setting concept words for training come and go regularly but contextually it is mostly repetitive. Therefore, MG works to gain insights to diagnose the fundamental factors of the organizational and individual issues and apply multi-disciplinary approaches to explore solutions using appropriate tools and skills. Such programs cannot be delivered unilaterally because it is a shared ‘Mental work’, so we take into consideration first who the participants are and the environment they are in when creating programs.